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Sunil To Put Bomb For Ravi Teja

Posted by Swaroop The King On January 14, 2012 0 comments
Comedian Sunil turned hero with ‘Andala Ramudu’, a few years back. The film turned hit surprisingly along with a popular number ‘jabilli rave vendi jaabilli..’. And then he portrayed comedy roles again.

But with SS Rajamouli’s initiation, he acted in Maryada Ramanna, which again turned the heads of many.

The film was again a success and thus brought big hero image to Sunil all of a sudden. Then he acted in India’s legendary director Ram Gopal Varma’s direction @ ‘Katha Screenplay Darsakatwam Appalaraju’ which turned a flop at box office but kept Sunil in news for controversial reason.

Then ‘Poolarangadu’ started making where the stills of him with heroine Isha Chawla gave the color of a star hero film. Above all his six pack muscle show stunned entire film buffs. Finally, it is known that Sunil is a very good dancer. Except glamour on face, Sunil has everything in enormous way.

Ravi Teja struggled a lot for 13 years and then became a hero and still ruling. Sunil also struggled initially but made big money as star comedian for all these years. Now he turned a hero and claiming Rs 3 Cr as remuneration, as per inside sources. Ravi Teja is now taking Rs 5 Cr per film, as per unconfirmed sources.

So, if Poolarangadu becomes a hit and Sunil gets more attention for his six pack and dances, then it is not ruled out that he will be a threat to Ravi Teja. Initially, it was assumed that Sunil will be a threat for Allari Naresh. But he crossed that stage and targeted Ravi Teja!

If audience accept Sunil’s face as star hero, then there will be no looking back to him.

RGV's 'Mysterious Link' With Mahesh Babu

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Ram Gopal Varma has a mysterious link with Mahesh Babu. This is observed with ‘Dookudu’ and now with ‘Businessman’.

It is known that RGV’s picture was shown in Mahesh Babu’s ‘Dookudu’ as a surprise in a scene. That was the humble honor paid by director Srinu Vaitla to RGV.

Now Puri Jagannadh mentioned in the titles of ‘Businessman’, “I thank Ram Gopal Varma for inspiring me to make Businessman”.

That way, unknowingly, although not directly, Ram Gopal Varma is asscoaited with recent two projects of Mahesh Babu.

In fact, the guru-sishya bond between Ram Gopal Varma and Puri Jagannadh is known for all. And Srinu Vaitla also admires RGV. Thus RGV’s brand is honored by these two directors. The bottom line is Mahesh Babu happening to be the hero in both these films is a coincidence.

War Between Nandamuri Cousins

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Sibling rivalries are quite common in any families but when it comes to powerful and influential families, the dose seems to be high. This is something happening in the Nandamuri family, as per sources. It is heard that there is a constant race of sorts happening. On one side, there is Junior NTR and on the other, there are his cousins.

Notable among them is the clash between Junior NTR and NTR ie Nandamuri Tarakaratna. Ironically, the first who came is being called as NTR junior and the one who came late is called NTR. Moreover, these days Tarak’s style has become bold which is more like a sign of domination on Jr NTR.

However, it is heard that recently Tarak gave a statement- “You can call me Tarakaratna also no problem, NTR is not necessary. It is only the director’s wish.” But those who heard this are saying “Why this sudden buildup? Maybe someone took a class to Tarak.” Whatever it is, among cousins many want to dominate Jr NTR. Though Kalyanram got friendly, Tarak seems to be a bit away.

Ramcharan Wants RRV Desperately

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Ramcharan Tej who reached superstardom with his blockbuster hit ‘Magadheera’ came down crashing with ‘Orange’. Since then, he was taking his time for coming up with a proper project and then he took off with ‘Rachcha’. Now, it is heard that he has begun to grow desperate about joining hands with one man.

He is R R Venkat, owner of R R Movies Banner. Apparently, Venkat is causing a major hungama with his movie ‘Businessman’ and never before has anyone seen this kind of publicity for a film. It is happening only due to Venkat’s planning, as per sources.

So now, it is heard that Cherry is keen to associate with such type of person who has the ability to push the film aggressively. Sources reveal that after ‘Rachcha’ is completed, Charan is planning to get into few discussions and work on the possibility of doing a project. Let us see how this goes.

Thaman Exposes His Heavy Baggage

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One of the most sought after names when it comes to music composing are S S Thaman. Today, Thaman is composing nearly eight out of ten big banner films in Tollywood. Recently, he was sharing his thoughts when he revealed his excitement and also his heavy load of projects.

For now, Thaman is on cloud nine since he is yet to come out of the ‘Dookudu’ mania and already his other project ‘Businessman’ has come with very good response. It is heard that nearly 2 lakh audio CDs of ‘Businessman’ were sold on the first day of audio release. On the other hand, he had two back to back big budget releases in the form of ‘Businessman’ and ‘Bodyguard’.

Going forward, Thaman revealed his long list of projects. Notable among them are an action film with Junior NTR, a project with Ramcharan under the direction of V V Vinayak, ‘Shadow’ starring Venkatesh and directed by Meher Ramesh, the bilingual movie of Siddarth titled ‘Love Failure’ in Telugu, ‘Gouravam’ starring Naga Chaitanya being directed by Radha Mohan. Way to go Thaman!!

Satire: Rajinikanth's 'R' Series Mobile Launch

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The following that superstar Rajinikanth has got anywhere needs no introduction. Even the same mania is seen in the social networking sites. Lately, a new trend is being observed. After the Sardarji jokes it is Rajinikanth jokes which run as hot property.

These days even celebrities are also tweeting about him across social networking sites. Now, the latest thing about Rajini is the launch of the ‘R’ mobile in the year 2012.

This is slated to be the Rajinikanth mobile and the features of R mobile are: 20 Sim cards with 1 TB memory, Mini AK-47, 1000 mega pixel cam, 1 year battery backup, 1 TV, 1 oven, 1 washing machine, 1 fridge, 1 AC, a mini rocket launcher and most importantly it is introducing 24G wiping away the existing 3G.

While all this is being spread in a nice humour, many are enjoying reading this.

How To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos?

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Marina Movie Stills

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G Venketram Calendar Launch Party Images

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Pawan Kalyan & Sruthi Haasan Giving Autographs To Fans

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Akkineni Akhil Stills @ Sharjah

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Body Guard Review in Telugu by Sai Prem

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Movie Titles Ki BGM Rocking Ga Ichadu Thaman...
* Venkatesh Entrance Oka Running Car Nundi Diguthadu....
* Venkatesh Looking Awesome Cool In This Movie...
Chaala Bagunnadu..
*Prakash Raj as Trisha Father...Asusual Kummesadu..
*Cinema Ki Main Plus Aenti ante...Thaman SS Music..
*Ee Songs Ki Picturisation Keka La Teesadu Director..
*Total 6 Songs Super On Screen..
*Trisha and Saloni Perfect ga Saripoyaru Vaari Characters Ki...
*1st half Comedy ga Saradaga Saagipothundi...
*2nd Half Sentiments,Konchem Suspense etc..Venky expressions keka in sentiment scenes..chitakottesadu...
*BGM Anthaledhu kanii Thaman Songs ki ichina Music Aithe Superb


* Thaman Music
*Songs Picturisation


*Minus Antoo Peddaga Aem ledhu...Aithe Hindi Lo BodyGuard Chusina Vaalaki Ee Cinema Aem Kotthaga Anipinchadu..Already Telisina Story ne kada ani Antaaru
* Aithe Screen pai Venky ni Chudataniki Vellochu Hindi lo Already Choosina Kuda...
* Ante Hindi lo Movie ni As it is Story (Without Any Changes..Mana Telugu Style lo Konni Scenes add chesi teesaru ee body Guard ni)
*Adhokkate Minus..Hindi lo chudakapothe matram ee cinema superb ga nachutundi...andarki

My Opinion

Total ga Venky Kummesadu Cinemaa lo..Ee Sankranthi ki Family antha happy ga Chuse Film Body Guard...
Baagundi Cinema..Dont Miss
* Cinema ni Thetare lo Chustene Andham..Piracy Vaddu...

My Rating