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English Pronounciation Improvement Course Download

Posted by Swaroop The King On January 20, 2012 0 comments
I Bought Rapidex Hindi To English Speaking Course Book Yesterday..
I Got This CD Free With That Book..
This Consists Of English Pronounciation Skills in Audio Format,
Very Usefull to Those who wanted to improve their English Pronounciation
This is in Hindi To English Language
Click Below To Download The Two Parts 

Part1 [Size:19MB]
Part2 [Size:19MB]

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Nippu Audio Launch Photos

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Business Man First Week Collections Genuine Figures

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Nizam - 9.27 Crores
Ceded - 4.44 Crores
Nellore - 1. 12 Crores
Guntur - 3.26 Crores
Krishna - 1.59 Crores
West - 1.80 Crores
East - 2.34 Crores
Vizag - 2. 80 Crores
Overseas - 5. 5 Crores
Karnataka & ROI - 3.2 Crores
Total - 35.32 Crores

RaviTeja NIPPU Movie All 6 Video Songs & Trailers (Videos)

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Ayyare Movie Review

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Banner: Preetam Productions
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji, Anisha Sing
Music: Sunil Kasyap
Producer: Sudhakaer Babu
Direction: Sagar Chandra

 Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji have done a couple of comedy films in the past. They have come together again for Ayyare and how is their latest attempt?


Venkatesh (Shivaji) is a mechanic who loves Anjali (Anisha) in the first look and she too falls in love with him after few bluff games played by him. Her father (Siva Prasad) agrees to get them married and suddenly turns against Venkatesh.

Having no clue about what happened to his would-be father-in-law, Shivaji searches for an answer. Then comes Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), who says that he knows the entire story behind it. Who is Prasad? What does he know about Venkatesh? What happened in the background? You will get the answers from Prasad side of story which forms the crux of Ayyare script.


Actual story of this film begins in the second hour. First hour is spent on Venkatesh and Anjali’s love episodes. These are dealt very badly and bring instant boredom to you. At one point we feel that the story is heading towards a dead end.

But Prasad’s character gives a twist to the tale and the film takes right track from that point. First of all don’t judge this film by its star cast. Despite the presence of Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji, Ayyare is not a comedy film. So if you are expecting a fun ride, you will be left disappointed.

Ayyare is mainly a drama based on how a common man turns god-man and how does he gets exploited by the evil beings surrounding him. Director tried to tie both the love angle and this god-man drama, but failed to set right emotions in the love track.

Second hour is way better than the first hour as it is content driven. First hour is pale and aimless. Despite few cinematic liberties taken, Ayyare ends on an Okay note.


Shivaji doesn’t have much to do in this film. He is alright within his limitations. Anisha Singh neither has the looks nor acting skills. Rajendra Prasad is the saving grace for this film. His performance keeps the spirits going and he single handedly lifted this film from ending up as a disaster. Sai Kumar’s performance is laudable. Siva Prasad, Srinivasa Reddy and Venu Madhav are usual.


Dialogues by Nivas are pointless. Cinematography is substandard. Music is weak. Director failed to extract good work from his technical crew. Production values are average. Director did a fair job in the second half and failed in the first half. Had he taken care on the first half and put some extra efforts to get right output from the technical team, Ayyare would have been a notable debut for him. Saying so, he did better than many newcomers. Additional efforts will take him to the next level.

Final Word:

Ayyare is a fairly decent film with a neat second half. First half is a big letdown. If you can ignore that part, Ayyare may not disappoint you completely. On a whole, Ayyare isn’t a bad film.

Ayyare Movie Rating: 2.5/5


Asin Latest in 57th Filmfare Awards 2012

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Asin at th Filmfare Awards hot photos
Asin at th Filmfare Awards wallpapers
Asin at th Filmfare Awards Photoshoot images
Asin at th Filmfare Awards unseen pics
Asin at th Filmfare Awards gallery pictures
Asin at th Filmfare Awards sexy stills
Asin at th Filmfare Awards glamour images
Asin at th Filmfare Awards cleavage

What's the target for 'Businessman'?

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Ratings by critics were divided. While some liked ‘businessman’ for Mahesh Babu and Puri, others disliked it for aimless narration. Whatever may be the inner talk of film industry or outer talk in audience, opening revenues are just rocking and that is more than sufficient for Mahesh Babu to rewrite the history. Yes, trade sources are although in confusion discussing on as what could be the exact target of ‘businessman’…whether to cross ‘Dookudu’ or to stay one step below it.

As families are finding it tough to hear the ‘Boothu Dandakam’ of Puri and missing of comedy quotient are definitely to hinder the repeat value of ‘businessman’ to a grater extent. So, what kind of new records is Mahesh-Puri targeting with RR Movie Makers will become quite clear in next two to three days when we get a clear idea on first week collections. For now, ‘businessman’ started to erode the opening records of Tollywood.

Business Man collection details Superhit Magazine Blowup

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Ayyare Movie Theatres List @ HYD

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Ram Charan Teja's YEVADU Movie Press Note

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Businessman 2nd Week Theaters List

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Mr Nokia Movie Inside Info

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*cinema chaala baga vacchindanta......

*onscreen chaala stylish ga untadhi......

*dances and stunts new trend in tollywood.......

*story line click ithey youth que kattadam khayam.......
*pakka abv avg-hit status undhi movie ki...for now........


Hrithik Roshan Family Photo

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Hrithik Roshan Famil Photos

Sruthi Hasan files case on affair with Dhanush

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Sruthi Haasan has yet again denied rumours that she is in an affair with Dhanush. The two are acting together in 3, directed by Aishwarya R Dhanush.

On reports that she is in romance with Dhanush and they were spotted in a new party together, she said, 'wonder where such rumours come from. We are good friends'.

She threatened legal action on those who are spreading such false reports'.

She says woking in 3 was a great experience and we all shared a good rapoort. 'We have great respect for each other'.


Mr. Nokia Audio Release Gallery

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