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Nippu Latest Teaser

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Ananya (Journey Movie Fame) Engagement Photos Stills

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Valentine's Day SMS Collection

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Febuary 14th is Last special day of this week and its known as a Valentine Day.
Though the week day to offer a special expression of love, but safe as the day is particularly special for many people who have not yet considered their heart felt right to take further steps to seek opportunities.

Here is Some Valentine Day SMS:-

Love is like playing the piano.

First you must learn to
play by the rules,

then you must forget the

rules and lay from your heart.


V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A…..is for I will Always be yours
L…..is for Love at its most extreme
E…..is for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N…..is for Never-ending love
T…..is for we will Always be Together forever
I…..is for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to
E…..is for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .


Make Sure That In Search Of A Perfect Person
You Don't Loose A True One,
Perfection Is Fantasy
Truth Is Reality
Real love is not based on romance,
Candle light dinner
walks along the beach.
In fact, it is based on

If she's an apple & you're an orange,

celebrate your differences,
Make a great fruit salad
Love isn't about being the same,
It's about being sweet with each other.

I still feel that writing a

"Love Letter"
In your own hand writing
is more romantic n Precious
than E-mails & SMS
Trust a person to the extent
that he feels guilty to cheat you
Love a person to the extent
that he fears to loose you!
If you are cold at night,
let the promise of my
love cover you like a
'warm blanket'
Love is sweets and honey
Love is sometimes for your heart
Love is sometimes for the money

Love is passionate

Love is blind
Love is destined
Love is cruel and kind

Love is forever

Love is for a night
Love is fading
Love is at first sight

Love is unrequited

Love is for another
Love is not returned
Love is not to be smothered

Love is dangerous

Love is right
Love is wrong
Love is a fight

Love is complicated

Love is here and there
Love is in you and me
Love is everywhere

Love is broken

Love is true
Love is for me
Love is for you


What’s missing in H__RT? EA or U?

Pick EA & you’ll get a heart!
If u pick U, you will get hurt!
I’d pick U coz it’s better to get hurt,
Than have a heart without U.


In the morning,
sun gazes at me to make me happy…
Cool breeze hugs me to see my smile…
Birds sings to make me smile….
But my dear,
They dont know that
my smile is incomplete until
I remember your face…


To Luv some1 is madness,

2 b loved by some1 is a Gift,
Loving some1 who loves u is a duty,
But being loved by some 1 whom u luv is LIFE.


Love knows no reasons,
Love knows no lies,
Love defines all reasons,
Love has no eyes…
But love is not blind,
Love sees all but doesnt mind…..


Believe me, you are the one,
Whom my heart finds,
Whom my mind reminds me of,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love the most.


When u love someone,
Its like reaching for the star .*.
U know u cant reach them .*.
But u keep trying
Coz may be 1 day
that star might fall for u .!.*.!.*.!
Is Not About The
‘Hugs n Kisses’
The ‘I Love You’
The ‘I Miss You’
But About The ‘Chills’
That Hit Every Part 0f
Your Spine When You Think
About Him/Her..!!


Two things are never defined in whole life,
1 is LOVE:
Bcoz u never know who LOVES u how much.
2nd Friend:
Bcoz u never know how deeply they care About U…

Dhanush Vs Simbu fight in Twitter

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We all know that there is a subtle rivalry going on between Dhanush and STR for a longtime. Though reports of their friendship surface now and then, they never missed any opportunity to take a dig at each other.

Recently when Dhanush's Anthem for Tendulkar was removed from YouTube, STR posted a tweet that took a hit at Dhanush. In reply Dhanush tweeted his own words retaliating STR's comment.
This porvoked STR, who is in USA, to reply with another tweet to resolve the issue. The Sachin Anthem is back on YouTube. Watch out this space in coming days to know more about the war of words between them now.

Voice therapy for Mahesh Babu's Bava

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Prince Mahesh Babu has been causing a mania across the box office and his tsunami has been very difficult to control or compete by any other star. Meanwhile, another member from his family has now forayed into the cine circuit as a hero. He is Mahesh Babu's 'Bava' Sudhir Babu.

Sudhir has made his debut with the film 'SMS' and here is an inside update. It is heard that those who saw the film have given a common advice to Sudhir. That he should go through voice therapy before he renders his voice for his next project. Apparently, they have given marks to Sudhir on his performance but they say his dialogue delivery was not appealing.

While some say that his voice came out flat few others say there was no energy or variation in it. As such, the dialogue delivery plays a key role for any hero. So, it remains to be seen whether Sudhir Babu will take this feedback seriously and work on it or not.

List of Wrist Watch Brands

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Wrist watch which is used for ages by men and women and its importance has not came down in spite of many innovations for example now people can see time on mobile still the sales of wrist watch has not declined because wrist watches are not merely used for watching time but they are much more than that. Given below is the list of some of the wrist watch brands which are there -



TAG Heuer








Audemars Piguet



Vacheron Constantin


Raymond Weil

Baume & Mercier


Tommy Hilfiger





Anjali Prince Jewellery Diamond Launch Images

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Mahesh Babu's Cell Phone Secrets

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Mahesh Babu is known to be rather low profile and prefers leading a simple lifestyle without much airs. Given the power and following he enjoys among the audience this would sound unusual but here is another interesting bit about him which has caught many by surprise.

Incidentally, this was revealed by Mahesh himself at a recent interview. This was about his cell phone. Speaking about it, Mahesh reportedly mentioned that he doesn't like to be accessible so he doesn't have a cell phone. He maintained that it is usually his personal assistant or makeup man whose numbers have to be contacted if one has to reach him.

Given the fact that he is the brand ambassador for IDEA mobile services, it comes as a contrast. However, sources close to Mahesh reveal he does have a cell phone but stays away from it as much as possible. So, if someone is expecting to hear Mahesh's voice over the phone, guess that is going to be next to impossible.

Love Failure Releasing Shortly Poster

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Ravi Teja's Nippu Hyderabad Releasing Theatres

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Eerojullo Movie Posters and Wallpapers

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