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Nokia Asha 303 Is Now Available For 8899

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Nokia Asha 303 reviews

Nokia Asha 303 has a 2.6 in. capacitive hold shade as good as a full Qwerty keyboard.The Asha 303 is a ultimate in Nokia’s smartphone operation as good as offers a little unequivocally cold features. Be it tech specs or integrated apps, this phone offers a good understanding for a cost range. For starters, it has a Symbian Series 40 OS, a 1GHz processor as good as comes with an inner mental recall of 170 MB expandable up to 32 GB.

Asha family comes pre-loaded with engaging apps similar to Angry Birds Lite, Mobile TV with Zenga TV, Whatsapp as good as if you wish some-more apps, all you have to do is download some-more apps from a Google Play app store. Asha 303 offers a 3.2 MP digital camera with wizz as good as video recording as good as video playback. With Bluetooth, GPRS, WiFi, Edge, 3G as good as USB, a connectivity options are zero to spot at! Imagine all a possibilities. Oh as good as did you discuss a special diagnosis offering to Vodafone customers. Nokia has teamed up with Vodafone to suggest 1GB of 3G/2G interpretation per month giveaway for 4 months with each squeeze of a Asha 303.

Nokia Asha phone is a good buy for phone junkies as good as during a Rs 8899 price

Sachin Tendulkar's 100 Centuries List

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*******LISTS OF SACHIN 100′s !!!********

1) 119* vs ENG-Manchester- fourteen Aug 1990-Draw-Test
2) 148* vs AUS-Sydney-6 Jan 1992-Draw-Test
3) 114 vs AUS-Perth-3 Feb 1992-Lost-Test
4) 111 vs SA-Johannesburg -28 Nov 1992-Draw-Test
5) 165 vs ENG-Chennai-12 Feb 1993-Won-Test
6) 104* vs SL-Colombo-31 Jul 1993-Won-Test
7) 142 vs SL-Lucknow-19 Jan 1994-Won-Test
8) 110 vs AUS-Colombo-Sep tember 9, 1994-Won-ODI
9) 115 vs NZ-Vadodara-Oct ober 28, 1994-Won-ODI
10) 105 vs WI-Jaipur-Novem ber 11, 1994-Won-ODI
11) 179 vs WI-Nagpur-2 Dec 1994-Draw-Test
12) 112* vs SL-Sharjah-Apri l 9, 1995-Won-ODI
13) 127* vs KEN-Cuttack-Feb ruary 18, 1996-Won-ODI
14) 137 vs SL-New Delhi-March 2, 1996-Lost-ODI
15) 100 vs PAK-Singapore-A pril 5, 1996-Lost-ODI
16) 118 vs PAK-Sharjah-Apr il 15, 1996-Won-ODI
17) 122 vs ENG-Birmingham- 8 Jun 1996-Lost-Test
18) 177 vs ENG-Nottingham- 5 Jul 1996-Draw-Test
19) 110# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 28, 1996-Lost-ODI
20) 114# vs SA-Mumbai-Decem ber 14, 1996-Won-ODI
21) 169# vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 1997-Lost-Test
21) 104# vs ZIM-Benoni-Febr uary 9, 1997-Won-ODI
23) 117# vs NZ-Bangalore-Ma y 14, 1997-Won-ODI
24) 143# vs SL-Colombo-3 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
25) 139# vs SL-Colombo-11 Aug 1997-Draw-Test
26) 148# vs SL-Mumbai-4 Dec 1997-Draw-Test
27) 155* vs AUS-Chennai-9 Mar 1998-Test
28) 177 vs AUS-Bangalore-2 6 Mar 1998-Lost-Test
29) 100 vs AUS-Kanpur-Apri l 7, 1998-Won-ODI
30) 143 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 22, 1998-Lost-ODI
31) 134 vs AUS-Sharjah-Apr il 24, 1998-Won-ODI
32) 100* vs KEN-Kolkata-May 31, 1998-Won-ODI
33) 128 vs SL-Colombo-July 7, 1998-Won-ODI
34) 127* vs ZIM-Bulawayo-Se ptember 26, 1998-Won-ODI
35) 141 vs AUS-Dhaka-Octob er 28, 1998-Won-ODI
36) 118* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 8, 1998-Won-ODI
37) 124* vs ZIM-Sharjah-Nov coal 13, 1998-Won-ODI
38) 113 vs NZ-Wellington-2 9 Dec 1998-Lost-Test
39) 136 vs PAK-Chennai-31 Jan 1999-Lost-Test
40) 124* vs SL-Colombo-28 Feb 1999-Draw-Test
41) 140* vs KEN-Bristol-May 23, 1999-Won-ODI
42) 120# vs SL-Colombo-Augu st 29, 1999-Won-ODI
43) 126*# vs NZ-Mohali-13 Oct 1999-Test
44) 217# vs NZ-Ahmedabad-30 Oct 1999-Draw-Test
45) 186*# vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 8, 1999-Won-ODI
46) 116# vs AUS-Melbourne-2 8 Dec 1999-Lost-Test
47) 122 vs SA-Vadodara-Mar ch 17, 2000-Won-ODI
48) 101 vs SL-Sharjah-Octo ber 20, 2000-Lost-ODI
49) 122 vs ZIM-New Delhi-21 Nov 2000-Won-Test
50) 201* vs ZIM-Nagpur-26 Nov 2000-Draw-Test
51) 146 vs ZIM-Jodhpur-Dec coal 8, 2000-Lost-ODI
52) 126 vs AUS-Chennai-20 Mar 2001-Won-Test
53) 139 vs AUS-Indore-Marc h 31, 2001-Won-ODI
54) 127* vs WI-Harare-July 4, 2001-Won-ODI
55) 101 vs SA-Johannesburg -October 5, 2001-Lost-ODI
56) 146 vs KEN-Paarl-Octob er 24, 2001-Won-ODI
57) 155 vs SA-Bloemfontein -3 Nov 2001-Lost-Test
58) 103 vs ENG-Ahmedabad-1 3 Dec 2001-Draw-Test
59) 176 vs ZIM-Nagpur-24 Feb 2002-Won-Test
60) 117 vs WI-Port of Spain-20 Apr 2002-Won-Test
61) 105* vs ENG-Chester-le- Street-July 4, 2002-N/R-ODI
62) 113 vs SL-Bristol-July 11, 2002-Won-ODI
63) 193 vs ENG-Leeds-23 Aug 2002-Won-Test
64) 176 vs WI-Kolkata-3 Nov 2002-Draw-Test
65) 152 vs NAMI-Pietermari tzburg-February 23, 2003-Won-ODI
66) 100 vs AUS-Gwalior-Oct ober 26, 2003-Won-ODI
67) 102 vs NZ-Hyderabad-No vember 15, 2003-Won-ODI
68) 241* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2004-Draw-Test
69) 141 vs PAK-Rawalpindi- Mar 16, 2004-Lost-ODI
70) 194* vs PAK-Multan-29 Mar 2004-Won-Test
71) 248* vs BAN-Dhaka-12 Dec 2004-Won-Test
72) 123 vs PAK-Ahmedabad-A pril 12, 2005-Lost-ODI
73) 109 vs SL-New Delhi-22 Dec 2005-Won-Test
74) 100 vs PAK-Peshawar-Fe bruary 6, 2006-Lost-ODI
75) 141* vs WI-Kuala Lumpur-Septembe r 14, 2006-Lost-ODI
76) 100* vs WI-Vadodara-Jan uary 31, 2007-Won-ODI
77) 101 vs BAN-Chittagong- nineteen May 2007-Draw-Test
78) 122* vs BAN-Mirpur-26 May 2007-Won-Test
79) 154* vs AUS-Sydney-4 Jan 2008-Lost-Test
80) 153 vs AUS-Adelaide-25 Jan 2008-Draw-Test
81) 117* vs AUS-Sydney-Marc h 2, 2008-Won-ODI
82) 109 vs AUS-Nagpur-6 Nov 2008-Won-Test
83) 103* vs ENG-Chennai-15 Dec 2008-Won-Test
84) 163* vs NZ-Christchurch -March 8, 2009-Won-ODI
85) 160 vs NZ-Hamilton-20 Mar 2009-Won-Test
86) 138 vs SL-Colombo-Sept coal 14, 2009-Won-ODI
87) 175 vs AUS-Hyderabad-N ovember 5, 2009-Lost-ODI
88) 100* vs SL-Ahmedabad-20 Nov 2009-Draw-Test
89) 105* vs BAN-Chittagong- eighteen Jan 2010-Won-Test
90) 143 vs BAN-Mirpur-25 Jan 2010-Won-Test
91) 100 vs SA-Nagpur-9 Feb 2010-Lost-Test
92) 106 vs SA-Kolkata-15 Feb 2010-Won-Test
93) 200* vs SA-Gwalior-Febr uary 24, 2010-Won-ODI
94) 203 vs SL-Colombo-28 Jul 2010-Draw-Test
95) 214 vs AUS-Bangalore-1 1 Oct 2010-Won-Test
96) 111* vs SA-Centurion-19 Dec 2010-Lost-Test
97) 146 vs SA-Cape Town-4 Jan 2011-Draw-Test
98) 120 vs ENG-Bangalore-F ebruary 27, 2011-Tied-ODI
99) 111 vs SA-Nagpur-March 12, 2011-Lost-ODI
===========100= =======
100* vs BAN-Mirpur-16 March,2012- (ODI)

*Denotes which he remained not out.
#denotes which he was a captain of a Indian group in which match.

Amitab Rare Gallery

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Tollywood – Hollywood Join Hands to curb Piracy

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Tollywood filmmakers who have made a habit out of lifting plots, characters, action scenes and even publicity designs from Hollywood movies, will be losing their “inspirations” soon. With a Memorandum of Understanding about to be signed shortly between Hollywood trade body Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) and Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce, violations can attract hefty fines. The MoU, the first joint operation initiative by Hollywood and Tollywood filmmakers, is aimed at protecting content and curbing piracy in both countries.“The film world is shrinking and we can’t hoodwink anyone. Hollywood filmmakers have been extracting their pound of flesh from Bollywood and other industries for ripping off content or scenes since they are keeping a watch on such malpractices and violators have had to shell out huge sums,” says Suresh Babu, president, Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce.

Besides safeguarding content, the path-breaking MoU will have more to do with IPR issues, specifically the anti-piracy policy adopted by Tollywood.“They were impressed with our anti-piracy methods and pro-active approaches that curbed online, cable and video piracy and even helped book the culprits. Even our state government has established fast track courts to deal with such cases. This MoU will enable Tollywood film-makers to explore the US market and also seek help to nab overseas pirates and save crores of rupees,” adds Rajkumar, overseas distributor and chairman of the Anti-Piracy Cell. To initiate the joint operation, Michael D. Robinson, executive vice-president, Content Protection and chief of operations in MPAA, a consortium of six Hollywood studios would be “holding discussion with top office-bearers and ink the deal in a week”. On the ban on rip offs, producer-director Teja says, “Our film-makers will now be inspired by Korean, French and Iranian films. Until we spare time to develop novel plots, it will be difficult for some film-makers to give up the habit.”

Film-makers of Welcome and Namaste London have reportedly paid Rs 1 crore in fines to the respective Hollywood film-makers.

Buyers Stepping Back To Buy Rajinikanth's Film?

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Superstar Rajinikanth and his films have got a tremendous impact at the box office and across the Pan-Indian audience along with few world audiences. So, it is natural that whenever his project is announced there is a rat race to grab the rights and many come forward to shell astronomical prices for that.

However, it is heard that the same tempo is not being observed for Rajini’s ongoing venture ‘Kochadaiyaan’. Sources say the main reason for that is ‘Kochadaiyaan’ is a motion capture movie more on the lines of ‘Avatar’ so one would see a virtual image of Rajini more than the actual him.

With this, the buyers are not sure how such products will work and how the audience will receive it. Moreover, they add that there are not many theatres in the B, C centers which have the required infrastructure to give that real feel of motion capture technology. Perhaps it is time for the makers to come up with a strategy to deal with this.

Dhanush’s ’3′ rights fetch super price in Telugu

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Tamil star ‘Dhanush’ will soon be seen in the film ’3′ along with Shruti Haasan and this movie has been directed by his wife and Superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya. This movie features the wildly successful track ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?”. The Telugu dubbing rights of this movie were picked up by producer Natti Kumar for a super price, said to be in the region of approximately Rs 5 Crores.
The film will be celebrating its Telugu audio launch today and the music for this movie has been scored by Anirudh.

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa – 2′ ?

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa’, which was directed by ace director Trivikram, gained a cult following among his fans and movie lovers alike. Now the latest reports circulating in the industry indicate that this team is getting back together.Pawan, Ileana and Trivikram will be working together for a new film. While there is no confirmation over whether the movie will be titled ‘Jalsa – 2′, some people close to the star say that Trivikram is yet to work on the script and one possible option is to take the story forward from ‘Jalsa’.

BVSN Prasad will be producing the film and if everything goes as per plan, the new movie should start rolling from October. We will be bringing you more updates about this interesting project as and when they become available folks.


Nitin Cotton King New Ad Poster

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3 Movie Audio Release Gallery

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Mahesh Thumps Up New Posters

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price In India: Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 10.1 at the MWC. It has 10.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800 pixel) TFT display and is powered by 1.4 GHz Dual-Core Processor. It runs on Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich). This has advanced pen-input technology, called the S Pen that provides uniquely accurate level of control and finesse that could be used for sketching and artwork. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The Note’s supports microSD cards of up to 32GB, which can be added on top of the 16, 32 or 64GB of internal memory depending on the The Galaxy Note 10.1 will also come preloaded with Adobe’s Photoshop Touch and Ideas apps. Both applications integrate the S Pen completely, therefore allowing you to let your creativity go wild.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Features And Specifications:

Operating System: Android 4.0 ICS OS
HSPA+ Network
Processor: 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU
Display: 10.1 inch WXGA Touch Screen
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixel
3 MP Rear/Primary Camera and 2 MP Front/Secondary Camera for Video Conferencing
WiFi Connectivity
Bluetooth 3.0
Internal Memory: 16/32/64 GB
Expandable Memory: Up to 64 GB
Cisco VPNs
Slot: Micro SD Card
Juniper Junos Pulse
GPS Navigation
Exchange ActiveSync
Thickness- 9.7mm
S Pen Functionality
Preloaded Software: Adobe PhotoShop Touch

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price In India Is Coming Soon…

Dammu Exclusive Latest Still

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3 Movie HQ stills Large Gallery

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Sreya Latest Stills From Nuvva Nena Success Meet

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