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Eega (2012) Telugu MP3 Songs Download And Listen Online

Posted by Swaroop The King On March 31, 2012 0 comments
 Eega (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Download
Cast : Nani, Samantha
Director : SS Rajamouli
Music Director : M M Keeravani
Listen Online

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Who is Hero in Eega?

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Rajamouli is a Brand for introducing New Villians,al knows it, but imagine that if the complete story runs with a cartoon fly character and villian and heroin, what happens?
This topic is regarding the eega trailer, Yesterday eega audio release had released, Rajamouli uploaded many videos in Youtube, but there is no Hero nani in the one video also, always he used to concentrate on the graphical and technical team, even in Theatrical trailer also there is no even a photo of Nani..
Gossips going on like the nani Character is only for the Flash back? If it happens then it would be a Great dissapointment to the Nani fans,
Let us see the Fact, Wait for the Movie release

Ram charn Tej's Ragalai (2012) Tamil Mp3 Songs Download And Listen Online

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Cast: Ram Charan, Tamanna
Music: Mani Sharma
Label: Star Music
Production: R.B.Choudry
Listen Online
Click Below To Download Songs (38MB)

3 (2012) Movie Review

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Starring: Dhanush, Shruthi Hasan
Director : Aishwarya Dhanush
Producer : K. Vimala Geetha
Music Director : Anirudh
Rating : 2/5
Dhanush and Shruti Haasan have come together for the movie ’3′ and this movie has been directed by Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya Dhanush. The movie has been produced by Natti Kumar. Let us see how the movie stacks up

Story :
Ram (Dhanush) is the darling son of Bhanupriya and Prabhu. He falls in love at a very young age with Janani ( Shruti ) and this is opposed vehemently by their parents. But in unexpected circumstances, they marry each other. After marriage, as they start building a life together, fate deals a cruel blow and the story takes unexpected twists. Ram is afflicted with Bipolar Disorder and he suffers from extreme mood swings. As Ram and Janani battle this disease, will they be able to set their lives in order? Will Ram be cured of his disease?

Plus Points :
The movie has had good exposure due to the runaway success of the ‘Kolaveri’ song and this has guaranteed a lot of interest in the film. Dhanush has portrayed two very different roles in this movie and his performance is good. Shruti Haasan looks good and she has done a good job.
The first half of the movie is slightly better when compared to the second half. ‘Kannulada’ and ‘Pove Po’ have been shot well and they are good to listen to.

Minus Points :
The story and the treatment will not appeal to Telugu film lovers at all. The first scene of the film itself sends a rude shock to the viewer and its a rapid downhill ride from there. Though Dhanush has performed well, it is tough for our people to accept him as a hero. Shruti Haasan keeps weeping throughout the film and this is downright depressing to watch.
There are many loopholes in the screenplay and narration is poor. There is absolutely zero entertainment in the movie for casual movie lovers and viewers end up getting frustrated. There is no synchronization between the first half and the second half.

Technical Aspects :
Editing is atrocious and that is a major culprit. Dialogues are quite poor. Cinematography is decent. Production values are good. Aishwarya Dhanush fails to make an impression with her direction skills and there is no conviction in her narration.

Verdict :
If you are a casual movie lover looking for some entertainment, stay away from ’3′. The movie has absolutely nothing for you. If you are a hardcore fan of Tamil tragedy cinemas, you can try and risk a watch.

Rowdy Rathore Movie Trailer

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This is a Remake of Telugu Film Vikramarkudu
And Directed by Indian Michel jakson Prabhu Deva

Eega Movie Theatrical Trailer

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Eega All Making Videos (Exclusive 11 Videos)

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Eega Audio Release Full Videos (Full Audio Function)

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Eega Audio Launch Pics[Large Gallery]

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Dhammu (Cast And Crew) – Characters Explained

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Roles Are Explained If They Have Any Impotance… Do Check them Out

NTR-Plays The Role Named ” Raja Kaasi Reddy”–Hero

Trisha-1st Heroine

Kaarthika-2nd Heroine

Venu-NTR’s Brother In Law(Bava)

Kota Srinivas Rao gaaru-NTR’s Grand Father

Subhaleka Sudhaakar-Heroine’s father

Bhanu Priya-Hero’s Mother




Thanikella Bharani




This Is The Information What All We Could Gather By Now…..
We Will Be Updating Soon On This 


Music: M.M.Keeravaani

Producer: Alexander Vallabha

Production House: Creative Commercial Media And Entertainment Ltd

Lovely (2012) Telugu Movie review

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Cast : Aadi, Shanvi, Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishor, Ahuti Prasad and others
Directed by : Jaya B
Produced by : BA Raju
Banner : RR Movie Makers
Music : Anup Rubens
Release Date : 2012-03-30
Rating: 2.5/5
Sai Kumar's son Aadi, who made debut with Prema Kavali, did his second movie Lovely under Jaya's direction. Aadi impressed one and all with his energetic performance in Prema Kavali. Is he a one film wonder or does he have the mettle to become a bankable star? Lovely explores his casual side and let's see how he and the film fare?

What is it about?
Maharadhi (Rajendra Prasad) is a multi millionaire, who loves his daughter Lovely (Shanvi) more than anything. His daughter falls in love with Akash (Aadi). Maharadhi believes that his daughter's choice will be as good as his. But the first impression of Akash makes him rethink. He decides to observe Akash by staying along with him and we get to know that Maharadhi himself has a dark past. What is that and what happens to Akash's love story sums up Lovely.
Aadi doesn't have a big frame, but can pull of action episodes and he also can dance like a livewire. He confidently carries his role, but he is yet to refine his skills as an actor. There is one very heavy emotional scene during the climax and Aadi comes up with a blank face. That is not a good sign for an actor.
Shanvi is cute, but doesn't have the oomph to lure the masses. She neither possesses any acting skills. She is just a nursery kid in terms of performance. Rajendra Prasad is alright as a caring father. But he failed to deliver a natural performance. Maybe the poor characterization didn't help him much.
Vennela Kishore and Chinmayi have done a decent job and are very compatible and complimented each other in comedy sequences. Ahuti Prasad is loud and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna is over the top.
On the Technical Front:
Technically Lovely comes up with a mixed show. Music by Anup Rubens is nice. Most of the songs are shot well and his compositions are very catchy. Lovely title song will haunt the viewers. BGM is not bad either. Dialogues are Okay.
Cinematography is average. 
It is good in songs with rich visuals, but looked cheap during the talkie portions. Editing is jerky. Director failed to generate the feel in the movie. The film lacked natural appeal and everything seemed dramatic. These type of films need sensible narration and Lovely lacked it completely.
Lovely in spite of having a decent storyline, which has shades of Bommarillu didn't click due to poor screenplay. Initial scenes that show the bond between father and daughter are very artificial. Audiences get disconnected with the film right away. The love story doesn't have the soul. Director never tried to show how strong their bond is.
Biggest drawback in this film is the father - daughter bond is never explored. They hardly share any scenes. Hence, the father's sacrifices for his daughter seem forced and out of place. Even the daughter speaks high about her father only in his presence (of course her character isn't aware of his presence), which is another reason for this relation and emotions to look unnatural.
There are numerous flaws in the screenplay and less talked about the climax is better. Except for songs and few comedic scenes, Lovely offers nothing novel. Moreover, most part of the film is extremely boring, very illogical and dramatically artificial. Lovely's future at box office looks gloomy and with so many big films lined up for release, it is ought to suffer 'sun stroke' in this hot summer.
Final Word: 
 Lovely is a love story without soul!

Dhanush's 3 Movie First Day Public Talk

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Dhanush Performance bavundi anta the one and only asset of the Movie Antunnaru

Sruthi as usual ga dumb, danikithodu sagam cinema edusthune untundi anta

muchtaga 3 patalu matram bavunnai anta on screen

Cinematography is good

First half lo half varaku comedy tho nettukochesina akkada nunchi modaluavutundi anta Torture

Second half inko kotha cinema choosthunnatuu, kompateesi malli Mayakkam Enna cinema ki vachama annattu undi anta

Drag and slow paced second half with a weak climax manalo patience ni test chesthai anta

Moodu cinema theatres ki Moodu kms aina distance lo unte mee life lo Moodu gantala valuable time save avutundi anta :)

Eega Audio Released Special Posters

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Dammu Latest Working Stills

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Dhammu Dialogues

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‘Dammunnodu Narakaalsindi Venaka Nunchi Kaadu…
Mundu Nunchi Narakaali…
Ikkadundi Dammu Narukko’ 

'Bathakandi Bathakandi Ante Vina Ledu Kada Raa...
Kotha Modalaindi...
Ratha Raasina Bhagavanthudu Vachchina Aapa Ledu' 

Sound Tagginchuko...
Eesaari Kottanante Gonthulo Nundi Arupu Raavadaaniki Ayidellu Paduthundi’

‘Naadi Kaadanukoni Kodithene Ilaa Undi…
Adhe Naa Ooru Anukoni…Naa Manushulu Anukoni…Naa Vamsham Anukoni Kodithe…
Mee Vamsamlo Magaadu Anevaadu Puttdaaniki Padi Tharaalu Vaniki Pothaaru'.

Vikram And Jagapathi Babu's Thaandavaram Movie posters

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A.R Rahman on the sets of Kochadaiyan

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A.R Rahman on the sets of Kochadaiyan
Academy award winner A.R Rahman is taking scrutinizing efforts over Superstar Rajnikanth’s Kochadaiyan. Before Rajnikanth took off to London for 25-day schedule, he managed to get a song done with Superstar himself crooning the track. espites his busy schedules, the Madras Mozart flew all the way down to London and visited the sets of Kochadaiyaan. Guess who was so happy watching Superstar and Rahman together? She’s none other than Radhika Sarath Kumar as she said, “It was nice to see these great personalities feeling like child in heart looking for more quest.”

Madhurima Latest Photos

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Ram Charan Tej's Ragalai Movie Posters

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Lovely Today Release HD Wallpapers

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