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Raccha Latest Wallpapers

Posted by Swaroop The King On April 05, 2012 0 comments


Raccha (2012) Movie Review

Posted by Swaroop The King On 5 comments
Directed by: Sampath Nandi
Produced by: R. B. Choudary
Written by: Paruchuri Brothers
Starring: Ram Charan Teja, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ajmal Ameer
Music by: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Suresh Babu Daggubati
Editing by: Kanaka Mahesh
Studio: Annapurna Studios
Release date: April 5 2012
Language: Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam
Budget: 40 crores
Racha is a typical commercial flick on the lines of say a film like Bunny. Only it doesn’t have the comedy of Bunny. Although there are many comedians the comedy and entertainment in the film mainly rests on the young shoulders of Ram Charan and he seems to have tried his best. If his ability to entertain single handedly clicks with the audience the film would be a major success for Ram Charan after the disastrous Orange.

Fights, songs and interval block are said to be highlights of the film. Despite its predictability the film moves at fast pace through out and it is the biggest strength of the film.
Performances by the main lead are really good with both Ram Charan and Tamannah doing enough justice.

Technically the film is good but the editing is poor. Fights have come out very well and especially the bamboo forest fight in the second half is superbly executed. The climax fight is a let down compared to that.

First half of the movie is good with lots of mass comedy entertainment. Where the second half is extraordinary and twists are revealed during pre-climax phase.
Emotions and action scenes were elevated to the peak and it is the highlight of the movie.

Finalword: It’s A Mass Entertainer!

Ramcharan Raccha Movie Live Updates

Posted by Swaroop The King On 10 comments
Show time 7.45 AM

Mega power star train meeda nundi train meeda ki dooki entrance ichadu...veedu gully leader kaadu gang leader anedi dialogue

Gunapala guna sekhar garvinchadagga first car chase undi sir...adannamata

Title song time...graphical extravaganza...ante graphics baaga extra ayyayi ani ardham...adiripoyayi ani kaadu

Shankar dada mbbs song bit ki top lechipoyindi.

Konni scenes lo comedy baane undi

Chiru reference lu...chiru imitation...motham ade ippatidaaka

Asalu situation lekunda vachindi dillaku dilla song...kurrodu dance baaga esadu

Proposal scene baaga teesadu...response adiripoyindi, .. Avg scene vth ULTIMATE climax... Bemmi the director V.V.Puri..

comedyga oka fight jarigindi..

Prathi scene lo hero elevation ki try chesadu...fans ki nachuddi adi

Comedy baane workput aindi first half lo

Racha so far going in v.v.vinayak's Aadi , Bunny mode... college inside-outside drama.

Oka paadam song...jaaga bokka paata, Melody; walkouts ... Enno paadaalu bayataki kadilayi.

anduke mari cinema mass ayina fightki kanapade emotion thodavvalannaru pedhalu... Comedies in Interval fight avaleela ga kinetic honda ni gira gira tippi isiresadu

1st half is done... nothing rachable except for few passable comedy bits...1dance song...Chiru imitations works vth fans...

fans kosam teeyabadina...fans ki nache first half

First half talk: Simple ga cheppali ante, title song bavundi, dillaku dillaku parledhu, fights comedy ga silly ga unnai, konni chotla comedy bagane pelindi, manchi response vachindi, Fans ki nache vidham ga elevations unnai pretty average stuff as of now

Well known...Most expected twist revealed as so called interval block... Lyk TataBirlaMadhyaloLaila ...2nd half shud do d magic...

Started 2nd half...

 Interestingly locked vth yet another twist..

2nd half starting lo brahmi comedy bavundi

Ali entered as the loveguru... More from him... Thread just started...

Time for some vaana vaana...most awaited song 4m fans... Vana vana remix....most idiotic lead/imagination ever...varshamlo voche feel... Forest Waterfall anta :) utterly disappointed khooni chesi paresaru chiranjeevi ni 10% kuda match cheyyaledu

Note: telugucinema katha prakaramga adaviloki velite velainantha twaraga bayatapadaali leda melu jaragadani charitra chebuthund

Ehe Story Mudukii kadaladhu endi

kasepatlo raboye inko twist ki hint ichesaru paruchuri garu :)

Aaa...bamboo fight...ee fight kosam ara ganta run time spend chesadu, srisailam nundi china elli teesina fight naa bhoo naa bhaa, chineese noodles center fighters tho hero powerful telugu dialogue... "cheyi vodilesthava...pranaalu vodilesthava.

Evadra fight lu compose chesina suntha...karra tho kattulani kolatam aadestannadu babu, fight fightko comedy... Ento aa execution... Bamboo tree fight stands out...

Flashback time...final ga movement vachindi cinema lo

Aadi and Bunny style lo janamki melu kosam parents... Oka ithadi kadu kadu inupa flashback...
Flashback aipoindi...singareni paata start aindi

Perfect ga commercial format ni nammukuni ekkada dead slow avvakunda jagratha padatha hero elevation tho safe game aadadu director

Climax time...idi chedakottakunda unte fans eduruchupulu aipoinatte

Aipoindi cinema..
.masssss commercial entertainer

Fans pandga chesukoni migata vallu parledhu oka sari chstaniki ani anukune cinema RACHA, Commercial ga manchi scope undi run avvataniki.

Child Actor "Jayam" Fame Dilip Production No.1 First Look

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Child Actor "Jayam" Fame Dilip as a Hero Production No.1, 
Yellow Mushrooms Production, Grand Opening on April 6th @Annapurna Studios

Titanic 3D Releasing Today Poster

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Racha Movie Preview

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The movie starts off with the introduction of Thamanna and her family . Along with that 'Mukesh Rishi' is shown as the father of Rangam fame Ajmal . Parthiban ( Yuganiki okkadu King) acted as the father of Ram Charan . Three friends gathers huge money from different countries in the name of funds for the welfare of their Village . The greedy Mukesh rushi kills them and escapes from the village with money . Charan decides to help his father in the village development and begins the search of Mukesh rushi . Onthe other hand Tamanna always thinks of something in her mind . Here comes the twist , Ajmal the son of Mukesh Rusji loves tamanna and kills her family in the process of attaining her . Now Tamanna needs a man to take her revenge . In this process she finds Charan as an apt person and she decides to love charan . In return she asks him to kill a person for which Charan doesn't agree . Later , Charan comes to know that ajmal is the son of Mukesh Rushi and agrees to Tamanna's request as his goal is also to find Mukesh Rushi . Charan and tamanna start their search for Mukiesh Rushi and finally captures him . At the end Charan gets the money from Mukesh rishi and fulfill his father's request i.e the development of the village .

1st half :

Hero looked very mass
Brahmi comedy is entertaining.
Heroine is alright.
1song is good.
Overall first half seems alright.

2nd half :

story dragged.
vana vana song is good.
Last 25 min unbearable.
2 fights are good.
Over all 2-3 weeks movie.

Rana's Department First Look Poster

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Dangerous Ishhq Movie First Look

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Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum Movie First Look

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