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Endukante Premanta Movie Tracklist

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Cast : Ram,Tamanna
Director : Karunakaran
Producer : 'Sravanthi' Ravikishore
Music Director : G.V Prakash
Cassett's & Cd's On : Aditya Music

Chill Out
Artists : Andrea , Bigg Nikk , Maya , Vijay Prakash

Nee Choopule
Artists : K.S.Chitra , Haricharan

Kicko Gicko
Artists : Krish , Maya , Rahul Nambiar , Ranina Reddy

Artists : Megha , Rahul Nambiar

Yegiri Pove
Artists : Chinmayee , Hema Chandra


Dhammu Movie Review | Dammu Review | NTR Dhammu Review

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Release date: 27 April 2012
Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Boyapati Srinu
Producer :Alexander Vallabha
Music Director : Keeravani
Starring: NTR,Trisha,Karthika

Young Tiger NTR’s mass emotional drama ‘Dhammu’ has hit the screens today in a big way and the movie has Boyapati Sreenu as the director. Trisha and Kartheeka are the heroines in this movie and Keeravani has scored the music. Alexander Vallabha has produced the movie on Creative Commercials banner. Let us see how the film is.

Story :

Vijay (NTR) is an orphan who leads a simple life along with his friend (played by Ali). He falls in love with Ashwini (Trisha), who is a very rich girl. Ashwini imposes a condition that Vijay’s family history and pedigree are very important. At this very moment, Vijay comes to know that a rich and powerful royal family is on the lookout to adopt a heir and Vijay seizes the chance. But once he goes there, he realizes that things are not as simple as they seem. The family has a violent past and a bitter dispute with another powerful family (headed by Nasser). He also realizes that thousands of people in the area are now dependent on him for their very survival. Vijay does not like violence and he tries his best to solve the problems peacefully. But the rival gang does not give him a chance.

What does Vijay do? Does he shoulder the family’s burdens and solve the problems ? And does Ashwini really love him? This forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

NTR’s performance is outstanding and he has delivered a highly charged performance after a long time. His intense screen presence, powerful dialogue delivery and impressive action sequences will keep fans and mass movie lovers happy. He looks impressive in the second half once he dons Khaddar and he completely steals the show. Tarak is a superb dancer and he once again proves this with this film.

Trisha looks good and she has performed well. But she has surprisingly little to do. Kartheeka is impressive with her dialogues and her performance will click big time with front benchers. Kota Srinivasa Rao has performed well. Venu is impressive and he entertains in his small role. Ali is good as NTR’s sidekick.

Nasser and Bhanupriya steal the show. They are classy actors and they really elevate the impact of key scenes with their balanced performance. Nasser in particular is surprisingly good as the cruel villain. Suman is ok.

The film has some superb emotional sequences and they will work big time with the audience. The interval block is superb and there are some good twists in the storyline. Special mention must be made of fight sequences and Keeravani’s rousing background score. Especially, the fight shot in the mud is very good.

First half is very fast paced and there is good entertainment, provided mostly by NTR and Ali.

Minus Points :

The story is quite routine and there is no novelty in that aspect. The romantic track between Trisha and NTR is very superficial and it could have been handled slightly better. Trisha’s role is not very well etched. Same goes for the track involving Kartheeka and NTR. Except for some double meaning dialogues, there is nothing substantial in her characterization.

Brahmanandam is wasted in a poor role.

The tempo goes down to a certain extent in the second half and the momentum is kept alive only by the good action sequences. The placement of the song ‘Vastu Bagunde’ could have been better.

Screenplay could have been better in the second half as the required punch goes down to a certain extent.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is good and visuals have been captured well. Editing is neat. Rathnam’s dialogues are entertaining and they will work big time with front benchers and fans. There are hints in the dialogues about NTR’s future political aspirations and we have to see how this will be received by non fans. Keeravani’s music is excellent and his wok with the background score is highly impressive.

Fights have been choreographed in a highly entertaining manner and they are good. Dances are impressive as in all NTR films. Production values are rich and the expenditure can be seen in the visuals.

Boyapati’s direction is impressive and screenplay is very good in the first half. Things go down a bit in the second half.

Verdict :

‘Dhammu’ will work well with fans and mass movie lovers. We have seen a highly charged performance from Tarak after a long time and he carries the film completely on his shoulders. Good action sequences, dialogues and sentiment will work well at the Box office. On the flip side, tempo goes down a bit in the second half and care should have been taken here. Overall, Dhammu is a high voltage entertainer that can be enjoyed this holiday season.

 Rating : 3.25/5  
(Source: 123Telugu.com)


Dammu Public talk

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Jr.NTR’s characterization and his performance are the main highlights of the film. 
It’s NTR’s trademark action film and he is brilliant in dialogue delivery, comedy, dances, fights and everything. He proved that he is an all rounder.

The interval block is very well handled and it would be a treat to fans.

A couple of twists in the second half are good and the sister sentiment scenes were good.

On the flip side, though the story is routine, the screenplay could have been better. 
Director should have taken care on placement of songs and comedy.

Otherwise, NTR’s role, the lengthy dialogues and powerful fights will go well with the masses. 

Dammu will surely ssee grand openings at the Box-Office.

RaviTeja's Devudu Chesina Manushulu Logo First look

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Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Update

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The Teaser Of The Film Is Soing To Release On May31st

Movie Will Release On September28th


RaviTeja's Devudu Chesina Manushulu Story Line

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Puri Jagannath and Ravi Teja's fifth combination movie 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' completed its shooting part as a low key affair and is gearing up for a June release. The movie has Ileana as the lead girl. Raghu Kunche is composing the muisc.
Going in to the story, Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala are playing the roles of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi Devi. One day Lakshmi Devi wants to watch a Telugu movie with out reel fiction and with real characters created by Lord Vishnu. Initially Lord Vishnu does not agree to that, but when Narada (Junior Relangi) pokes his nose in to this issue, Lord Vishnu creates the character of Ravi Teja and places him in India and creates Ileana and places her in Bangkok.
Now, as Lakshmi Devi wants all the genres like Romance, Comedy, Action, Sentiment in the story. Lord Vishnu adds up all of these things and then Ravi Teja - Ileana story takes twists and turns.

Kajal Agarwal Latest Photo Shoot

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Kill Piracy Save Film Industry Song

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Puri Jagannadh’s Secret Shock to Prabhas and Allu Arjun

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Puri Jagannadh is one director who works in a swift to finish off his projects. Most of his movies take less than 4-5 months from start to finish. Sources are saying that he got the base ready to shock two top Tollywood stars.
Prabhas is struggling from a long time to finish his ‘Rebel’, such that he can move to Rajamouli’s project. With milky beauty Tamanna as lead, this film is going to be a full mass action entertainer from director Lawrence.
Allu Arjun is also getting ready with his ‘Julayi’ to satisfy his fans who are still weeping the blow of ‘Badrinath’. With Trivikram captaining the show and Ileana scorching the screen, this film has huge expectations.
Both these movies are expected to rock tinsel town in the month of July.
Shockingly, Puri’s upcoming movie ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ will be ready by that time and will definitely stay as a prime competitor for these two flicks.
With mass raja Raviteja and curvaceous siren Ileana in the leads, this film is touted to be a striking satire on present society and has all those commercial elements over dosed. Let us wait for a few months to know who will shock whom.

Soha Ali Khan Latest Filmfare Magazine Stills

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Udaya Bhanu Latest Photo Shoot Stills

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What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

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Dil Raju Launch Anti Piracy Logo Photos

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Ishtam Movie Posters

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Watch Endukante Premanta Audio Function Live Streaming

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 Endukante Premanta Audio Launch Live Streaming |  Audio Release Live Streaming

Audio release Function Will Start on 29th April 2012
At Evening 7PM From Hyderabad

Select Low , Medium Or High To Start Playing  the Video
If You are Facing Any Problem With the Video Click Below 


Dammu Movie Live Updates of Premier Show

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Jr.Ntr Dammu Premier Show updates.We are taking from a source giving updates of Dammu movie premier show live updates from abroad shows of Dammu film premier show talk...Dammu movie live theatres updates. Dammu first premier show is in USA premier show updates

* Dammu movie begins with introduction of Once upon a time King Families

* Titles begins with on screen fight between Nazar and Suman

* Jr.Ntr enters as Raja Vasi Reddy with an extra-ordinary fight sequence.

* Trisha as Ashwini introduced with first song O Lilly and song picturised well on Trisha and NTR.

* Kota Srinivasa Rao,Brahmanandam along with Jr.Ntr enters in to VIlliage.

* Venu character is on... with perfect family sentiment scenes between Mother and Sister Abhinaya..

* Second Song 'Ruler' boosted audience with excellent of taking the song ..

* Kartika makes entry as Neelaveni along with Ali.Comedy scenes between Jr.Ntr,Karthika and Ali

* 3rd Song is the title song Title Song Dammu Dammu goes with good cheoreogrphy.

* Story seems to be entered main plot.Ntr goes to Villian Nazar home.

* Jr.Nr's good timing dialouge ” intha varaku ee chey avasaram kosam vaadanu Aashayam kosam vadithe ela vuntundooo telusaaa….”

It is time for a Interval.... 

In the first half, Dammu to be entertaining with 3 songs and well executed comedy scenes and sentiments...

* Here Begins Second half of Dammu movie with a 4th Song Raja vasereddy.

* After the interval plot Keeravani's background were highlights of the film.

* Few main scenes runs and now it is time for 5th song Vasthu bagundhe.Vasthu bagundhe song is picturised with 4 beauties opposite to Jr.Ntr.

* Scene with collector ..followed by hilarious comedy scenes and sentiments scenes worked out well.

* Heavy actions scenes are well executed and this fight sequence will sure make rememberance of Simhadri Kerala fight.

* On the way of sentiment scenes between Jr.Ntr and family.The value of family are showcased.

* A slow bit song Vijayeebhavaa .Dammu moving towards its climax...

We will update Dammu movie premier show talk shortly stick here...


Dammu Movie Live Updates (By Fans)

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** Titles started

** flash back  looo 2familys gurinchi

** flash back finish after 25 years

** NTR enter arupulu start...GOLA GOLA CHESTHUNARUUUU

** first fight super...kumesindiiiii

** small comedy NTR keka ehe comedy lo kuda..superbbb

** Trisha enters

** NTR Trisha ki trying

** first song oo lilli dance simple ga super

** small fight with police

** choodataniki gaali vadila vunta kaani manchodini...ntr

** mannerisms kekaaa asalu NTR vi

** brammi entered super comedy scene

** NTR ni nee sur name enti ante N anta n ante ante nene ante nill, comedy super

** NTR brammi ali comedy keka

** venu tottempudi entered

** NTR back to village

** Ruler song visuals ultimate unayi

** aaa vamsam lo vallaki raktam lo potekkuva prati chukka potettutundi

** kartika enter

**kartika NTR madya scenes kekaa

** dammu dammu song dance simple ga super ga vundi...NTR superb unadu

arachakam antee scenes cheppalenu seats lo nilabadalem.

** interval fight .... sentiment fight araachakam at peaks

** inta varaku ee cheyy avasaram kosam vaadanu.... ashayam kosam vadithe ela vuntundooo telusaaa.... arachakam

** interval arachakam

** Rajavasireddy song ......

** comedy action parallel ga going.... ntr super anteee

** story jarugutundi

** ntr collector & villain madhya scenes going on

** naa kantitho choosina chaavu, pandi baliste dlg

** sound tagginchoo kuda 3 vunnai scene loo

** vastubagunde song dance kekaaaa

** villains attack chestuntaru NTR godavalu lekuda cheyali ani trying

** venu in trouble

** burada fight started... ulti vundi..... aa raaa raa ra ra ra......arachakam antee

** ekkada ekkada ekkadaaa reyyy..... kummu

** bratakandi bratakandi ante vinaledu kadara.. dailogue

** dhammu pattukunna kathi lo vundadu ra raktham lo vundali ..... climax super taking

** fights kummesayi...

** fights apudu ntr maarandi ra ani antoo untadu.. fights superbb.

** Film Finished..... B L O C K B U S T E R