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Dammu Movie Legal Notice Against Piracy

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Ishaqzaade (2012) Movie Songs Lyrics

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Dammu Movie New Wallpapers

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Mistakes in Dammu Movie

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Songs: Wrong placement – ‘Raju Vachinadu …’ in First Half (after the entry of NTR into the Raja palace) and ‘Ruler …’ in Second Half (after the intense and powerful chase fight) would be a better option. The much-talked ‘Ruler …’ failed to live up to the expectations – NTR looked misfit as a warrior and the disastrous wig only adds to fans woes. In fact, none of the songs have proper situation and also they weren’t even picturised well.

Dances: Not even a single top-notch dance move from NTR, who is known as a terrific dancer.

Heroines: One (Trisha) looks older than NTR and other looks taller than him. It’s better to talk less about them.

Casting: Abhinaya as elder sister to NTR is a complete misfit. She looked much younger than the protogonist.

Fights: Few sequences lacked the intensity and powerfulness to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Screenplay: Poor screenplay in second half played spoil sport.

Logical Errors: 
1) In one of the scenes (mud fight) before climax, NTR pledges to kill all his rivals (‘Kotha Modalaindhi, Ratha Rasina Devudu Vachina Apaledu’). But in climax, NTR preaches the value of life and the importance of non-violence. 
 2) After NTR’s brother-in-law Venu’s death, the servant asks the protogonist to stay away from their village to avoid further massacres (which was not necessary). In the very next scene, NTR was seen waiting for villains and follows the violent mud fight.

Hero’s father character: Suman’s character was not etched well. Showing him in a powerful role in the flashback could have elevated the film. His re-entry in Second Half after locking himself behind closed doors for several years is not justified.

Climax: The fight with the baddies looked completely one-sided, lacking the required punch. Most importantly, the sudden change in villain’s stand is hard to believe.

Director: Boyapati looked like a man with full of OVER-confidence (the same affected the outcome). His interviews before the release and his appearance in the 1st frame of film shows that the success of ‘Simha’ has gone to his head.

Dammu 1st Day Collections

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Nizam – 1.6Cr

Ceded – 1.75Cr

Vizag – 0.52Cr

East – 0.57Cr

West – 0.60Cr

Krishna – 0.49Cr

Guntur – 1.10Cr

Nellore – 0.34Cr

Total Collections – 6.97Cr

Lakshmi Prasanna In UKUP First Look Stills

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Dammu New Trailer

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Gabbar Singh Movie Latest Stills

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Nara Rohit Okkadine Movie Latest Stills

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Oka Romantic Crime Katha working stills

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Billa 2 Movie All Songs Teaser

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Aavo.in For Sale (Price Mentioned)

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Tapsee Latest Photoshoot

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